Exploring Demagnetization problem of NdFeB magnet

Demagnetization problem of NdFeB magnet in high temperature is known to all. While cost and performance of NdFeB magnet make them more popular than traditional magnets, as it can enable better performance and more design choices with smaller size.
Handling of NdFeB magnets in high temperature needs carefulness, because NdFeB magnets at high temperatures are easily demagnetized. Here we will explore with you demagnetization problem of NdFeB Magnets in high temperature. Because neodymium and iron content is high, they are easily oxidized, so that a variety of coatings under different conditions depends on the operating environment of NdFeB magnets.
Configuration: In general, the NdFeB magnet is divided into two main sections list: Disc and blocks.
The powerful magnets require careful handling. Small magnets attracting with large magnets from a distance can cause pain, broken, even injury.
The cylinder shape is also called disc, which is generally marked by a high degree of magnet diameter to a cylinder. The straight line is also called a block in shape of rectangle or cube.Samarium-cobalt rare earth neodymium boron is an alternative of NdFeB, as SmCo magnets can withstand higher temperatures, more resistant to corrosion. However, samarium cobalt is more expensive on market. Samarium cobalt is used in computer disk drives, sensors, traveling wave tube, a linear actuator, a satellite system and some motors.

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