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Rare Earth is equal to modern industrial vitamin?

Rare Earth is equal to modern industrial vitamin?

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    The rare earth is a general term for 15 lanthanides of No. 57-71 of the periodic table and No. 21 and No. 39 of the third subfamily. Rare earth materials have been widely used in more than 40 indu
    The rare earth is a general term for 15 lanthanides of No. 57-71 of the periodic table and No. 21 and No. 39 of the third subfamily. Rare earth materials have been widely used in more than 40 industries in 13 fields including aerospace, aviation, information, electronics, energy, transportation, and medical care. Therefore, rare earths are known as "modern industrial vitamins."
    Rare Earth Permanent Magnets Metal lanthanum and cerium alloys are mainly used in the manufacture of NdFeB permanent magnet materials. It is one of the most magnetic permanent magnets in the world. Replacing other permanent magnet materials can double the volume and weight of the device. At present, the main application fields are: permanent magnet motor, generator, nuclear magnetic resonance imager, etc., which has become an indispensable functional material for automobile manufacturing, general machinery, electronic information industry and cutting-edge technology. In this century, China's NdFeB permanent magnet materials output exceeds Japan, becoming the world's largest producer, becoming the fastest growing rare earth functional material.
    The addition of trace rare earths in metallurgical-mechanical steels can improve the strength, toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of steel. The addition of rare earths to non-ferrous metal alloys such as aluminum, magnesium and copper can refine grains and significantly improve the overall performance. Rare earths are used in aluminum cables to improve material strength, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance.
    Glass-ceramics The glass-ceramic industry is one of the important traditional applications of rare earths. Rare earths are used as optical glass additives, clarifiers, decolorants, colorants and polishing powders in the glass industry and play an important role in the irreplaceability of other elements.
    Compared with traditional chemical power sources (such as lead acid, nickel cadmium, etc.), nickel-hydrogen power batteries have many excellent characteristics such as pollution-free, high specific energy, high power, fast charge and discharge, and abuse resistance. The most practical and applicable secondary power supply for car development has broad application and market prospects.
    Petrochemicals Rare earths can be used as catalysts for many inorganic and organic chemical reactions. For catalytic cracking of refined crude oil, the yield of light oil can be significantly improved. Rare earth catalysis is also used in many fields such as automotive exhaust gas purification, synthetic rubber, paint drying, plastic stabilizers and rare earth polymer materials.