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GuangXiang Xie vice-governor visit Hanhai New Material investigate and survey.

GuangXiang Xie vice-governor visit Hanhai New Material investigate and survey.

2019/08/06 19:16
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n the afternoon of June 27, Vice Governor Xie Guangxiang accompanied the deputy secretary-general of the provincial government, Wu Xing, to investigate the new materials of Bohai. Yu Qun, inspector of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, 

  On the afternoon of June 27, Vice Governor Xie Guangxiang accompanied the deputy secretary-general of the provincial government, Wu Xing, to investigate the new materials of Bohai. Yu Qun, inspector of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Dai Yi, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, deputy secretary of the Lu'an Municipal Committee, Mayor Bi Xiaobin, deputy mayor Wang Anyi, deputy secretary of the Development Zone Working Committee, deputy director of the management committee Xia Lunping, Wang Wei, member of the committee and the director of the working committee of the working committee, accompanied the investigation. Liu Jingcheng, general manager of our company, and Lu Heshu, executive vice president, accompanied the introduction.

  Vice Governor Xie Guangxiang and his entourage visited the Bohai product display platform, technical research room and production workshop with great interest, and listened to Liu’s report on enterprise construction development and product performance. Recalling the past years, after nearly 20 years of hard work and hard work, Bohai has achieved a transformation from small to large, from weak to strong, and has embarked on a "innovation to promote the rapid development, brand creation, cooperation and development" Xie Guangxiang spoke highly of the road to healthy and rapid development. He encouraged enterprises to strengthen innovation drive, increase investment in science and technology research and development, accelerate the construction of technology research and development centers, further enhance the added value of products, enhance the market competitiveness of products, and actively use the capital market to accelerate the promotion of direct financing. He asked the relevant departments of the provinces and cities and the management committee of the development zone to take the initiative to actively coordinate and solve the difficulties in the process of enterprise development, increase policy assistance, strengthen the docking with various aspects of enterprises, and guide and help to win various types of policy funds and declarations. Engineering technology center, direct financing, etc., find ways to reduce the cost of enterprise development, and create a good atmosphere for the development of SMEs. On behalf of Bohai New Materials, General Manager Liu Jingcheng expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Municipal Party Committee and the Development Zone Management Committee for their long-term support and concern to the company. They are determined to take the innovation drive as the starting point and continue to improve the technological content and added value of the products to quality and service. To support, expand the market share of production capacity and products, and promote sustainable and rapid development of enterprises.