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Self-driving travel TianTang Zhai report by Anhui Hanhai New Material.

Self-driving travel TianTang Zhai report by Anhui Hanhai New Material.

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2019/08/15 10:23
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From July 11th to 12th, Bohai New Materials organized the backbone of the staff to carry out the self-driving tour of Tiantangzhai

  From July 11th to 12th, Bohai New Materials organized the backbone of the staff to carry out the self-driving tour of Tiantangzhai, so that the daily employees who are in the busy work can take it out, relax and collectively devote themselves to the embrace of nature.

  Facing the first sunshine in the morning, the 20 people in the Bohai Sea rushed to the destination: Tiantangzhai, Xizhuang Hot Spring and Meishan Reservoir. The first stop of the journey is located in the ancient and magical paradise, special geographical location and unique microclimate environment, which gave birth to this "the last piece of virgin forest in East China". It enjoys the reputation of "natural oxygen bar" and "dream paradise".

  The majestic and vast Paradise Village not only gathers many natural landscapes such as “Qifeng, Fei Waterfall, Linhai, Canyon, Cloud, and Cave”, but also contains rich historical culture and red culture. There is a “foreign command of the Dabie Mountain”. The old site, the simple and heavy folk customs and the ecological landscape complement each other. Entering Tiantangzhai, lifelike Buddha light, loved couples double stone, whale peaks intended to go out to sea, white horse peaks rushing to the hustle and bustle..., even more sighs of nature's craftsmanship and infinity. At the top of Tiantangzhai in the border of Yunnan and Hubei, the Bohai employees who walked up the summit, bathed in wind and rain and sweat, took a group photo.徜徉 Between the towering jungle, breathing the fragrance of the forest, feeling the good environment, let the body and mind holiday, let the heaven and man together In Tiantangzhai, there is indeed a real feeling of "I am in the mountains, playing the gods."

  Not yet reminiscent of the wonders of Wonderland, we rushed to the next stop – Xizhuang Hot Spring in Wujiadian Town, Jinzhai County. Wujiadian has beautiful ecology, pleasant climate and good ecological environment. The Zhugen River and Baoyu River, the largest tributaries of Shihe River, pass through the territory, and the air has high negative oxygen ion content and excellent water quality. The high-quality medical mineral water “Xizhuang Hot Spring” is famous for a long time. There are five indicators to reach the medical mineral water naming standard, which is “medium-containing fluorine-containing sodium silicate-type medium-low temperature hot water”, for cardiovascular diseases and rheumatic diseases. Skin diseases have a good physiotherapy effect. The hot springs are clear and the temperature is right. The staff are relaxed and playful, and a picture of people, mountains and hydration is born. In such a natural environment and atmosphere, my colleagues unwittingly enhanced each other's friendship and increased the cohesiveness of the team.

  The next day, we came to the Jinshan Meishan Reservoir. The reservoir scenic area is surrounded by lakes and mountains, with layers of layers, beautiful forests, numerous scenic spots, mellow folk customs, beautiful scenery and beautiful legends, which attract us to come. The Jinzhai County and the Qingshan Mountain, where the scenic spot is located, are connected with the clear water. Shihe is like a jade belt passing through the city. The river is clear and clean, adding to the beauty of the mountain city. Against the backdrop of a cluster of mountain flowers and pines and cypresses, the reservoir dam is like a rainbow floating above the canyon in the bright sunshine and the blue and blue lake. It is magnificent and magnificent. The water in the library is light, the layers of scales and waves, and the green hills on both sides of the river are picturesque. From far and near, with the scene, you can climb the top of the dam, overlooking the whole city, sighing and sighing; on the boating lake, you can enjoy the green mountains and clear waters.

  Sitting on the cruise ship, we enjoy the food, appreciate the lake and the mountains and the mountains, and experience the "green mountains faint water, the sky and the clouds and shadows", the fatigue of the work on weekdays disappeared.

  There is a place in one place, a place has a beautiful place, and a place has memories of a place. In the beautiful paradise village; in the warm and pleasant Xizhuang Hot Spring; in the Meishan Lake in the mountains and rivers, we see the figure of our employees, and we hear the laughter of everyone. Under the careful planning and organization of the company's leaders, the employees were full of gratitude and ended the paradise self-driving tour. As we linger on, we all say that we will devote ourselves to our future work with a more full spirit, in return for the company's love. Let us meet for the next wonderful trip, goodbye! (Contributed by Chen Mo)