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I. Lu'an Economic Development Zone Economic and Trade Bureau News: Recently, Bohai New Materials won two awards in the 2014 Lu'an Development Zone Encouraging Enterprise Transformation Development Awa

  I. Lu'an Economic Development Zone Economic and Trade Bureau News: Recently, Bohai New Materials won two awards in the 2014 Lu'an Development Zone Encouraging Enterprise Transformation Development Award: (1) Enterprise Standard Certification, Implementation of Quality-Strengthening District Awards (2) Enterprise Invention and Creation Awards.

  II. Lu'an Economic Development Zone Economic and Trade Bureau News: In the first half of 2015, Anhui Bohai New Materials obtained five utility model patents, such as “a magnet separation device”, and ranked among the top patents in the development zone enterprises. The competent authority notified the award.

  Third, TS certification progressed smoothly according to plan: In order to meet the needs of rapid development of enterprises, Anhui Bohai New Materials Co., Ltd. completed the preparation and operation of the company for nearly one year, and the first stage of TS 16949 certification was completed on September 2, September 24 The on-site audit was approved at one time.

  Fourth, the Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake delivery on schedule: 2015 Mid-Autumn Festival, Bohai staff moon cake delivery activities started on schedule, the company sent moon cakes to Bohai employees and relatives, in order to express their wishes. I would like to extend my most sincere greetings and blessings to the relatives of the Bohai Sea who have given us great support for work for a long time: I wish the Mid-Autumn Festival a happy family and good luck!