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Pass Work Safety Standardization Manufactory review.

Pass Work Safety Standardization Manufactory review.

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2019/08/15 10:26
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Recently, organized by the Safety Production Association of Lu'an City, Anhui Province

  Recently, organized by the Safety Production Association of Lu'an City, Anhui Province, experts from the Production Supervision Bureau of Lu'an City conducted a comprehensive review of the establishment of the safety production standardization three-level enterprise of Anhui Bohai New Materials Co., Ltd. The experts at the meeting unanimously determined that our company passed successfully. The safety production standardization level three enterprise audit, the five-month safety standardization work was successfully completed.

  In order to respond positively to the requirements of national enterprise safety production standardization management and the needs of the company's own development, the company has always regarded safety production standardization as the “top priority” of enterprise management, and comprehensively promoted the establishment of safety production standardization. Since the establishment of the safety standard in August 2014, the company has set up a safety production leading group and promotion office, and organized three self-evaluation teams. In combination with the original safety production management mechanism, the company has formulated a safety standardization work implementation plan and improved safety. Production responsibility system and safe operation procedures for each job. The management personnel and production line employees have been trained in safety production standards for many times, which has improved employees' awareness of safety production responsibility. By deepening the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, the company has gradually consolidated the safety production base of the enterprise, established a long-term safety production standardization management mechanism, and further improved the standardization management level of enterprise safety production. At present, no matter from the hardware and software facilities, personnel training and operating environment, the safety production management situation has achieved a qualitative breakthrough.

  Experts at the meeting believed that Bohai New Materials attaches great importance to the work of creating a three-level safety production standardization enterprise, and the investment is guaranteed. The promotion of measures has improved the intrinsic safety level of the enterprise and the work has achieved remarkable results. In the next step, our company will take the opportunity of creating a safety standardization enterprise as an opportunity to implement the normal management of safety production supervision to ensure the company's stable and healthy operation. (Correspondent: Chen Mo)