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Develop ISO/TS16949 cultivate support enterprise transformation and upgrading.

Develop ISO/TS16949 cultivate support enterprise transformation and upgrading.

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2019/08/15 10:27
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2014 Documentary of ISO/TS16949 training of Bohai Company

  —2014 Documentary of ISO/TS16949 training of Bohai Company

  Since its establishment, Anhui Bohai New Materials Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the "innovation-driven" business philosophy, taking technological innovation as the starting point, aiming at the new energy auto industry supported by the state, through independent research and development of enterprises and universities with Tianjin University of Technology. Through cooperation, a large number of new patents stand out, and many series of new products are put on the market, effectively enhancing the visibility and competitiveness of the company's products. In order to adapt to the needs of enterprises to become bigger and stronger and to transform and upgrade, from December 15th to 17th, 2014, the company organized new employees and sales backbones to conduct ISO/TS16949 training again. The sales company heads and new employees total 20 I participated in this training.

  This training was explained by Wu, a senior management consultant of Shanghai Nande Company, who has more than ten years of experience in corporate management. Mr. Wu focused on the process methods, management principles, general requirements, system standards, etc. of the ISO/TS16949 quality management system, and discussed the five core management tools. A large number of typical cases were introduced in the training for analysis.

  It is reported that ISO/TS16949 is a specific quality system requirement formulated by the International Automotive Task Force for the automotive industry suppliers according to the ISO9001 system standard, and is applicable to the production of production parts or service parts for automobiles or automobiles (but Can not be an after-sales service) an organization with a production site. ISO/TS16949 coordinates the quality system requirements of suppliers of design, development, production, installation and service of automotive-related products, and is also a stepping stone for auto parts manufacturers to enter the procurement system of complete vehicle manufacturers and to enter the global automotive supply chain. . The characteristics of its management system are: in addition to the standard itself, the requirements of the customer must also be incorporated into the management system.

  During the training, Mr. Wu's case analysis was very exciting, the language was humorous and practical. Through interactive discussions, the training courses are lively and lively, and the enthusiasm of all participants is mobilized. During the busy schedule of the sales meeting, General Manager Liu Jingcheng also attended the training site and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the training teachers for their hard work and made clear requests to the trainers. Mr. Liu asked all participants to cherish the rare learning opportunities, accurately grasp the importance of the ISO/TS16949 system construction for the company's transformation and development, carefully study the various contents of the quality management system, further enhance the quality control awareness, and optimize the existing processes. And standards, to promote the company's quality management work to a new level. Mr. Liu pointed out that through continuous training of ISO/TS16949 quality management system, it will lay a good foundation for the next step of system creation. At the same time, combined with other management systems, it will further promote the standardization of enterprise management, make the production and operation activities standardized and in a controlled state, improve the operational efficiency and market competitiveness of enterprises, and lay a solid foundation for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. (Contributed by Chen Mo)