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Creation work safety standardization manufactory.Strengthen sustainable development foundation.

Creation work safety standardization manufactory.Strengthen sustainable development foundation.

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2019/08/15 10:28
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In order to fully implement the "Safety Law of the People's Republic of China" and consolidate the safe foundation of sustainable development in the Bohai Sea

  In order to fully implement the "Safety Law of the People's Republic of China" and consolidate the safe foundation of sustainable development in the Bohai Sea, Anhui Bohai New Materials Co., Ltd. started from August to November 2014 in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Lu'an Economic Development Zone Safety Supervision Bureau. Safety three-level enterprise standardization construction work. The company was led by the Administrative Personnel Department and set up the Security Promotion Office. Three working groups were set up in the software data group, equipment group and operation environment group. On August 5, the safety standard start-up meeting was held as scheduled, and the consulting company discovered the site investigation. The safety hazard points were introduced in detail. The Safety Standards Promotion Office produced a rectification and promotion plan for the safety hazard rectification points of various safety hazards. The professional teams compared the rectification and promotion plan with clear improvement targets, standards and time limits for completion.

  It is reported that the safety production standardization enterprises are divided into first-class enterprises, second-level enterprises and third-level enterprises. The evaluation procedures are divided into five steps: self-evaluation, application, review, audit announcement, certificate issuance and plaque. In conjunction with the company's actual situation, the Bohai Company established a three-level safety standardization enterprise. Through the interaction and interaction between the safety experts and the superior safety supervision department at the start-up meeting, the participants recognized that the safety production standardization work is to establish a safety production responsibility system, formulate safety management systems and operating procedures, investigate and manage hidden dangers and monitor major hazards. Important grip. By establishing a prevention mechanism, production activities will be regulated more effectively, so that all production links meet the requirements of relevant safety production laws, regulations and standards. People, machines, materials and rings are in good production and continuous improvement, thus continuously strengthening corporate safety. Standardized construction of production.

  It is reported that its basic content consists of 13 management elements: 1. Objectives; 2. Organization and responsibilities; 3. Safety production input; 4. Laws and regulations and safety management system; 5. Education and training; 6. Production equipment and facilities; , work safety; 8, hidden dangers investigation and management; 9, major hazard source monitoring; 10, occupational health; 11, emergency rescue; 12, accident report, investigation and treatment; 13, performance evaluation and continuous improvement. Safety production standardization is to cover all safety production work of enterprises, and is an important measure to fully implement the main responsibility of enterprises, comprehensively improve the level of safety production, standardize production and prevent accidents. There are three important significances for the in-depth development of enterprise safety production standardization: First, the necessary way to implement the responsibility of enterprise safety production. By strengthening the safety production standardization of each position and link of the enterprise, the level of safety management will be continuously improved, and the responsibility for the safety production of enterprises will be promoted. The second is to strengthen the long-term system of the basic work of enterprise safety production. The standardization of safety production covers all aspects such as enhancing the safety of personnel, improving the level of equipment and facilities, improving the working environment, and strengthening the implementation of post responsibility. It is a long-term and basic system project, which is conducive to comprehensively promoting enterprises to improve the level of safety production. . The third is an important means to effectively prevent accidents. In-depth development of safety production standardization can further standardize the safety behavior of employees, improve the level of mechanization and informatization, promote the investigation and management of various hidden dangers on the site, and effectively prevent and resolutely curb accidents.

  At present, the work of Bohai Company to create a safety standardization enterprise is continuing to advance. It is believed that the establishment of the work by Anbiao will definitely drive the safety management work of Bohai Company to a new level and effectively guarantee the sustainable development of Bohai Company. (Correspondent Chen Mo Contributed)