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Making internal work.Set sail to create the future.

Making internal work.Set sail to create the future.

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2019/08/15 10:29
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In the world's top 500, there is a saying that "training is the greatest welfare". Similarly

  In the world's top 500, there is a saying that "training is the greatest welfare". Similarly, training is an important part of corporate culture, and training is an indispensable key link in enterprise development. Training can not only improve the business skills and professional quality of employees, but also improve the employee's consciousness, enthusiasm and creativity to improve the efficiency and value of the company. Through training, employees can enhance their recognition of the corporate culture and strengthen teamwork among employees.

  In order to continuously enhance the competitiveness of the Bohai factory market and enhance the internal cohesiveness and centripetal force of the company, in accordance with the instructions of the company's board of directors, we must use all possible opportunities to conduct comprehensive training on production, process, equipment, quality and safety. Through hard work and internal strength, we will strengthen the foundation of enterprise development and ensure the sustainable development of the company. In late June, the company's administrative personnel department took the lead, and all departments worked together to develop various training plans for the July training month. The one-month training month from July 1 officially kicked off.

  In July, the heat was too high, and in order to avoid not affecting normal work, most of the training was arranged during the evening break. Participate in the training lecturer to carefully prepare the training courseware, and all the staff members will be present on time and listen carefully to the teacher's lecture. Most of the trainings used PPT format, the content is novel, the patterns and case forms are diverse, so that the employees participating in the training have broadened their horizons and deepened their impressions. After each training, everyone thanked the training instructors for their wonderful experience. course. On July 31, all training programs were completed. The feedback from the trainees is highly targeted and very meaningful. 1. The content of the training is combined with the actual situation. It not only allows us to master how to do it, but also understands why it is done. The combination of theory and practice is more operational. 2, understand the production planning management, on-site management, quality management, team construction, safety operation specifications and other enterprise production and management knowledge, to point out the direction for the next step to improve management and strengthen team building, and provide improved ideas and methods; Improve employees' understanding of the company's development history and corporate culture, and clarify the development direction of the company; 4. Strengthen the employees' understanding of each part of the company through training, and promote communication and cooperation among various sectors and departments; Train the relevant professional knowledge and operational skills of the employees to improve the overall quality of the employees; 6. Improve the employees' centripetal force, cohesiveness and teamwork ability.

  The training has achieved good results. The company's administrative department will track the training courses and effects, and organize them for archiving so that you can learn again in future work. In the future, the Administrative Personnel Department will combine the annual training plan and carry out the training month activities in a timely manner. The training work will be taken as an internal starting point for improving the development momentum of the enterprise, and will continue to promote and provide talent protection and intellectual support for the company to achieve sustainable development.

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