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ShenZhen lions club HuangGang chapter at KaiShun middle school scene to donate in JinZhai,AnHui.

ShenZhen lions club HuangGang chapter at KaiShun middle school scene to donate in JinZhai,AnHui.

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2019/08/15 10:31
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    On April 25th, the spring is thick and the spring is infinite. In this season of Vientiane renewal

  On April 25th, the spring is thick and the spring is infinite. In this season of Vientiane renewal, the president of the Shenzhen Lions Club Huanggang Branch, the chairman of the Bohai Company, Liu Shangping, and the Anhui donation group composed of more than 20 lion brothers and sisters, Qianlitun came to Kaishun Middle School in Lu'an, Anhui Province to donate an electric classroom activity, donated more than 300,000 yuan worth of brand desktop computers, notebooks, projectors and other schools' urgently needed audio-visual equipment, and donated a student bathroom. It has effectively solved the urgent needs of the school's information classroom education and the facilities necessary for student life, and has been highly praised by Kaishun Middle School and the local government. True love is infinite, love is boundless, and the people of the old district deeply understand the love of the people of the SAR. At the donation site, the representatives of the donor agencies, the leaders of Kaishun Middle School, and the representatives of the students were really eager and touching. From time to time, bursts of applause broke out, so that the teachers and students and the Lions and Lions who participated in the donation felt the excitement and shock. .

  The International Lions Club is the world's largest charity, and the Shenzhen Lions Club is one of the earliest established conferences in China. Adhering to the tenet of “helping others and serving the society”, Shenzhen Lions Club will take care of it, contribute money, and contribute to charity services such as disaster relief, student support, disability, respect for the elderly and cataract surgery. The love footprint is centered around Shenzhen. China's great rivers and north and south have won wide acclaim from the government and the community.

  (Contributed by Chen Mo)