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2019-08-15 10:32

014 Bohai Company's first quarter work conference report
From March 24th to 25th, 2014, the two-day “2014 Bohai Company First Quarter Work Conference” was held in Lu'an Lu'an Base. Liu Shangping, Chairman of Bohai Company, visited the conference and made an important speech. Liu Jingcheng, general manager of the company, Qu Rudong, assistant to the chairman of the board, Li Qilong, deputy general manager of Bohai, Ye Fei, deputy director of sales of A region, and Guo Deliang, sales director of B Region, A More than 40 people from the /B district sales branch, business backbone and Bohai factory management team attended the event. At the meeting, the sales director of A/B Region made a summary report on the regional sales in the first quarter. Chairman Liu Shangping made a detailed analysis of the industry development trend in 2014, the current production and operation situation in the first quarter and the company's future development plan. And the review, the overall deployment of the second quarter work. Chairman Liu stressed that all departments of the company must resolutely implement the eight-character work principle of “improving management and full implementation”, comprehensively promote various tasks in accordance with the unified deployment of the company, and promote sustainable development of enterprises with practical actions. (Contributed by Chen Mo)

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