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Hong Shi valley、Dushan Soviet city day tour.

Hong Shi valley、Dushan Soviet city day tour.

2019/08/06 19:18
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At 8 o'clock on the morning of May 14, Anhui Ouhai Factory organized more than 70 employees, and took two buses to go to the Red Rock Valley Scenic Spot, Jinjun Lake and Dushan Soviet City in Jinzhai County.

At 8 o'clock on the morning of May 14, Anhui Ouhai Factory organized more than 70 employees, and took two buses to go to the Red Rock Valley Scenic Spot, Jinjun Lake and Dushan Soviet City in Jinzhai County. On the bus, the employees interacted with the tour guides, playing games and singing one after another, and laughter accompanied the whole journey. At 9:30, we arrived at the first stop of the day trip: Jinzhai Hongshi Valley Scenic Spot. Everyone visited the Hongshi Valley Ecological Tea Garden Scenic Spot, the origin of China's top ten famous tea “Lu'an Guapian”. Lovers Valley Scenic Area: Monkey Head Mountain, Supporting Waist Stone, Red Stone Soul, Hippo Lishui, Hongmenguan, Yunmenguan, etc., enjoy the volcanic rock and Danxia landforms left by the volcanic movement, in the cool gorge where the red rocks are scattered Xiushui was intimately contacted; lunch at the farmhouse restaurant deep in the Dabie Mountains, everyone gathered together to taste the authentic Dabie Mountain country dishes, the atmosphere was lively. After lunch, go to Jianguo to design the first dam, Xianghongdian Reservoir Dam, take a water cruise to visit General Lake, visit the water scenery of the reservoir area, and listen to the long history of the “Little Nanjing” Maji Ancient Town. In the laughter of Huan Ge, experience the leisurely mood of mountains and rivers and relax. At the last stop, we rushed to Dushan Town, visited the Dushan Soviet City, and visited the Soviet Club, the Dushan Riot Command, the Economic Cooperative, the Lenin Primary School, the Soviet Government, the Red Guard Command, the Revolutionary Court, and the CPC and the Communist Party Committee. During the visit, the political security bureau and the Liuhu Memorial Tower deeply felt that the revolutionary martyrs had thrown their heads and sprinkled blood before they exchanged our happy and peaceful life. They were grateful for the company's care and the help of colleagues. In front of the Liuhu Uprising Memorial Tower, everyone took a group photo and exchanged the experience of today's tour. The one-day tour of the Red Rock Valley and Dushan Soviet City was successfully completed.