Hanhai Advanced Materials won the third prize of Anhui Science and Technology Progress Award

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2023-02-18 14:24

Recently, the Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Award Work Office issued an announcement that the project of Anhui Hanhai New Materials Co., Ltd. " Grain Boundary Diffusion Type Low-heavy Rare Earth High-performance NdFeB Magnet Key Technology and Industrialization " won the 2022 Anhui Science and Technology Progress Three Prizes. This project is a key technology applied in the preparation of various high-end permanent magnet motor magnets such as new energy vehicle power motors and precision servo motors .

The Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award is mainly awarded to personnel who have completed major scientific and technological innovations, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, created significant economic or social benefits, reached the domestic leading level or made major technological inventions in the implementation of technological development projects, social welfare projects, and major engineering projects Or organize.

Hanhai New Materials won this honor, and will continue to rely on science and technology to strengthen the research on key technologies, transform new technological achievements, actively promote the technological upgrading of the rare earth permanent magnet industry, and improve the international competitiveness of my country's rare earth permanent magnet products.

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